Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Comicsphere: Freak Angels 4 Goes Live

freakangels 4 The internet jesus is back in his kingdom and all is well with the world. The story is shaping up nicely — thus far the episodes have been the equivalent to one of those tracking shots that swoops in and out of the main character’s lives introducing us to them and giving us a feeling of who they are and what they might be to the story. We have had a bit of action, some backstory, a problem that needs resolving: it’s all there. It definitely feels like a different kind of pace to Ellis’s other work and we know that is intentional because he had said so. It seems to be determined by which character we are focusing on at the moment and that is cool, it makes the strip theirs for the time that they are in it. KK is, by virtue of being the character present in all episodes thus far, and being used in the promotional material too, appearing as the main driving force in the story — this may hold true later or it may not; Ellis likes to sidestep the obvious. Next week’s episode can’t come soon enough. —————- Now playing: Aerosmith – Going Down/Love in an Elevator via FoxyTunes

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