Rebellious Jukebox: Royal Trux / RTX

jennifer herrema They sound like everyone else and no one else. They are one of those groups that straddle the difficult precipice between the classic and the cutting edge. Endless innovators that brought Ornette Coleman’s harmalodics to bear on rock music, Royal Trux and, since their dissolution, RTX are the greatest rock musicians, punks, musical artists, to ever lay down a track. I have most of their catalogue and I can’t get enough of it. It clatters with energy, bristles with newness — it never gets stale. Unafraid to push at the boundaries, they are able to go flying off on some riff-born tangent and not get lost in the noodling. Somehow, out of what in less skilled, or less intuitive hands, might become a mess of inconsequential parts or a muddled soup, emerges a cohesive and rocking sound. Jennifer Herrema is one of those Amazonian intellects that seems to have it all — inestimably cool, razor sharp intellect, model looks, and able to turn her hand to whatever she takes an interest in. Neil Hagerty, now of Howling Hex is similarly brilliant. Another musical free spirit that nails it all to a fucking great tune. They ruled together as Royal Trux and as RTX and Howling Hex they are doing a sterling job too. —————- Now playing: Blur – Advert via FoxyTunes

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Interesting how some media still pay homage to certain individuals … and deservedly so.; but what are their intentions?
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