Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

comicsphere: peter blegvad’s leviathan

leviathan All those people who queue up to get their copies of the Sunday broadsheets so that they look like they might have half a brain in their heads, or to make some stab at a claim for culture may be harbouring the same guilty secret as me — the only reason I bought half of them was for the comic strips in the back. Lest you think I was not discerning and that I settled for any old crap, which might be a fair enough assessment if you were to look at my track record, I offer in my defence Leviathan by Peter Blegvad. Imagine if you will an existentially rich exploration of the nature of being and all matters philosophical through the eyes of a faceless baby, his rabbit, all under the occasional guidance of a cat and you are maybe a couple of steps on the way to understanding the peculiar experience that is Leviathan. Yeah, this was why I bought the Independent On Sunday. I would get home and throw aside all the bullshit that those intellectuals used to sit down and pore over while there toast and boiled eggs went cold and I would go straight for the supplemental magazines. If I might venture an opinion, and given that this is my blog I don’t think that would be out of order, the writing in those colourful parts of the paper was actually better. It was usually a damned sight more interesting for someone interested in modern culture. It covered music, art, literature — all kinds of things, and of course comic strips. http://www.leviathan.co.uk/menu.html —————- Now playing: Puscifer – Indigo Children via FoxyTunes

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