Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Turn The Page: fake memoir number 2: Love & Consequences by Margaret B Jones

Wow, these idiots are really coming out of the woodwork. Oops, is that a bit harsh? Well, Jesus, what the hell do these people expect? They write these things and then they get published — someone who knows you is going to see it and damn if you aren’t rumbled. Margaret B. Jones wrote about growing up half-white / half-Native American in South-Central Los Angeles in a foster. One of her foster brothers was apparently gunned down by Crips gang members outside their home and she is supposed to have carried illegal guns and been selling drugs for the Bloods gang. So her older sister, Cyndi Hoffman, sees the article in The New York Times and contacts Riverhead. She questioned the publisher’s fact-checking and said the fabrication should and could have been prevented. Margaret B. Jones it turns out is a pseudonym for Margaret Seltzer, a white woman who grew up in a well-off area of San Fernando Valley in California with her biological family. She also lied about having graduated from the University of Oregon. —————- Now playing: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Mother Nature via FoxyTunes

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