Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Comicsphere: for the love of grant morrison

zenithkid eternitywe3the invisiblesthe filthseaguy Grant Morrison popped into mine and many other’s consciousnesses through the vehicle of Zenith, a unique spin on the superhero phenomenon that ran weekly in 2000 AD — it would explore many themes that Morrison would later revisit in The Invisibles and some of the super hero franchises which he has been charged with revitalising. The Invisibles spanned so much ground, explored so many ideas that it requires repeated visits to glean every single piece of information that is contained therein — many rightly consider it to be his masterpiece. The Filth, a shorter work that explored similar ground, was denser and in some ways even more complex; too complex for some. We3 gives us a cat, a dog and a rabbit who have been experimented on and turned into the ultimate fighting machine. The storytelling is sparse, simplistic in some ways, yet through innovative graphics courtesy of Frank Quitely we are treated to something unique and extremely resonant. Seaguy presents an equally distinct vision of a future that reflects the present in many strange ways. He gave us the definitive Animal Man, Doom Patrol — he offered Marvel somewhere novel to go with X-Men. He is an ideas man sure, but if they weren’t cemented with some of the best storytelling in modern literature it wouldn’t mean a damned thing. Morrison is more versatile than most and seems to tirelessly pursue new ideas, this being what has kept him at the bleeding edge for so long. Grant Morrison, we salute you! —————- Now playing: Blur – song 2 via FoxyTunes

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