Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: The Silver Jews

silver jews American Water was the album that introduced me to The Silver Jews and the wonderful mind of David Berman. I had been buying Uncut magazine and they had just started with their obsession for new country music and had put out a compilation called ‘Sounds Of The New West’ and Random Rules was on there. I was hooked. I thankfully by-passed the whole thing where the band was unfairly considered a side-project of Pavement with whom it shared some members. They seem very different in character to me than Pavement — they have a sense of humour but they are not whimsical and clever-clever in the way that Pavement could sometimes be. My favourite song at the moment is a tune called ‘Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed’ off the album ‘Tanglewood Numbers’. The lyrics are great, the music hits all the right notes. Don’t let the country association scare you off — this is a rock and roll band. Check out their website below.

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