i am struck at the moment by how everything is beautiful. everything has a system that it adheres to. chaos is an illusion or rather it is an emergent system of which we are seeing isolated nodes. i am intrigued by the idea of fractals — the repeating patterns that underly the structure of the universe — i have been looking at and am being exposed to both the wonders of the microcosm at a subatomic level and the marvels of the macrocosm on a galactic or universal level. it is in many ways perhaps fitting that there should be a symmetry to the expansion of my vision, or rather that the re-exploration of ideas i once read about avidly should be pushed on so many fronts. fiction and fact blur and compliment and seemingly drive each other — i begin to see no definition as being possible when viewed through the oversimplification of binary opposites. enlightenment comes with the annihilation of opposites — the viewing of the world as one big simultaneous event that is differentiated only by the attunation of consciousness to a particular resonant frequency. yes, everything is beautiful because when you look at one tiny thing you can extrapolate the universe from it. when you look at an immensely huge thing you can do the same. it makes you long for the easiness of the teleological argument to be true and if our minds are the shaping force that makes the universe what it is, and this seems to me to be the truth as expressed in a thousand different religions and scientific theories that appear to become more commensurate as we evolve our understanding of reality, then it may be true that we built this; that we are, as my wife says, each gods. —————- Now playing: INXS – Full Moon, Dirty Hearts via FoxyTunes

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