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chuck close — art hero

chuck close self portraitbill portrait Chuck close gained fame as a photorealist painter, a catastrophic blood clot (as wiki describes it) left him severely paralysed. he continued to paint however, using various ingenious methods which led to a differently intense style that is perhaps even more amazing. To look at his work is to be inspired.

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Some one...BUT WHO...

im learning about alll this in art now im in y10 !!! cool eh…

kirk cossett

I dont see the big hu-bub1! He was an artist, “like we all are by the way”before this un-forseen accident happend. He unlike most of us was, discovered already.


the whole thing is about the art and not the accident. this is one of the shorter entries i have made regarding artists and didn’t mean to imply otherwise. there may be many artists out there who have overcome similar obstacles but not all of them paint like chuck close. i feel that i may need to revisit chuck and expand upon what it is that i find amazing about his work — some of it i feel is self-evident.

rodrigo rojas

las fotos mas tecnologicas por favar


I dont kno, i agree with insomnihack and rodrigo, that accident probably made him a better person and artist, simply because its HARDER TO DO EVERYTHING WHEN YOUR HANDICAPPED, not to mention work of that caliber deserves substantial recognition regardless of the stature of the artist my freind.


I honestly think the most appealing part was the drive to do the work, completely by hand regardless of any obstacles that got in the way.

Many great artists go undiscovered for their lack of motivation. For anyone to just outright disregard any human with that type of drive because they, themselves aren’t “discovered,” shows poor ethics.

It’s almost like a lot of artists love wallowing in their lack of success, while pointing the finger at those who refuse to go unnoticed, and label themselves unique because they are so much different from them.

Newsflash, people: sulky, downtrodden, under ambitious, whiny, dark, and obscure artists are a dime a dozen.

How many people can you count on two hands that have stories like this?

I would have liked to hear a little more perspective from Paul on what he thinks about the art, though. I am sure I’ll get what I ask for in the next article or comment.

Thanks for sharing this artist with the rest of us, Paul. If it weren’t for Skull Cull, I might surely go uncultured!

All My Love –

W.L. Grimsley –


cool my art work of chuck close is rep of my school


I broke my back a few years back snowboarding, and now im in a wheelchair. I was always an artist and Musician. Along the way I have found TONS of inspiration. And Chucks himself ad his studio are amazing. I LOVED the adapted equipment that helped him paint HUGE pieces from his wheelchair.. VERY INSPIRING! There really isn’t ANYTHING that can stop a disable person from their dreams, be it skydiving, painting huge canvas, etc. Thank you Chcuk for opening my eyes again.. 🙂


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