Warren Ellis And Computer Trouble

I avidly log in to www.warrenellis.com every day to see what the prolific writer’s eye has been drawn to. i follow and join in the conversations on whitechapel — the community has built around the already brilliant freakangels webcomic. i even check in on his grinding site (something that arose out of Doktor Sleepless). so this week i am jonesing for a fix — why? because ellis’s computer went kaput. he tells us through the use of his phone and the bad signal newsletter (miraculously resurrected this week) that his back-up failed this week to. i had all this shit happen to me not to long ago — it took me nearly six months to sort through the thousands of files that i managed to recover. i was in the process of backing up work which i only had on a particular writing site and the owner ‘accidentally’ deleted the whole fucking lot. google cache got me 27 pieces back, but damn that hurt. so i sympathise totally. also, and perhaps i shouldn’t say this, something about it is reassuring — that it doesn’t just happen to your average dumbass like yours truly.

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