Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Search Engine Terms

It’s always interesting to see what search terms people use to find their way to your website. I mean who types in ‘her jaw wired shut’ into a search engine? What exactly are they hoping to find. To put it in context the phrase appears in one of the stories on a collaborative website I have work on. It is a phrase that probably occurs in a lot of stories throughout the cyber realm, but it is not something I have ever personally found myself drawn towards searching for. Someone referred to a character having ‘big ugly tits’ or something of the kind and that was another search engine term that came up in the statistics. Strange? Maybe not. Perhaps there is a fetish out there for every single thing that you can imagine. It’s a shame you can’t backtrack and ask the person, not that they would probably answer at all. But to understand the thought processes behind such a search might be enlightening. —————- Now playing: David Holmes – Bad Thing via FoxyTunes

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