Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

the c word part 2

strange — i was slightly worried about posting a blog under the title cunt, so i changed it to the c word. what is one of the most popular tags on my profile? what word has drawn people to this little corner of cyberspace? yes, it is the word cunt. a fantastic victory for a great little word you might say. a little cursing and you have an audience — you are somehow granted profundity. profundity bullshit — people just want some dirt — they crawl around in these electronic backalleys looking for dirt. and they thought they found some so they clicked on it. in contrast randy pausch is the other thing drawing people here at the moment — so what a contrast, eh? life affirming lectures from a terminally ill man and a rude word. the wonders of the thing that we call humanity. —————- Now playing: Kristin Hersh – Amazing Grace via FoxyTunes

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