Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Anger Is An Energy

Anger is an energy says John Lydon on Rise. Anger is a gift says Zach De La Rocha on Freedom, I think. OK, so John, you are right — it is indeed an energy, but is it a good energy and is it worth having? if it is targeted in the right place then you might be able to argue that, yes, it is an energy that we should possess, and that makes it the gift that Zach says it is. If it sours the day, blows up in the face of those you love, knots your stomach and makes you feel bad then it’s energy you could do without. Energy never disappears, it merely changes, and energies such as anger can be channeled and changed into something much more positive. I had a red head for a mother so I know about tempers — a family full of Celts is going to be packed solid with anger but there is passion there and where there is passion there is a capacity for love. All it takes is a deep breath, stepping away from the situations that cause the anger, and the balm of time. I work to bury the anger in me or to change it into an attack on things that deserve attacking, and that is never loved ones. —————- Now playing: Sparklehorse – Wish You Were Here via FoxyTunes

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