Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Extreme Versus Bland

—————- Now playing: Wu Tang Clan – Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber via FoxyTunes I am not sure that there is anything left in the world that is not somehow extreme — sports, weather and religious people. If one more thing gets that label slapped on it I may scream. We live in a climate of fear. Oh, ok, do we? Do we really? Is the aim of those in power to make every single person on the face of the planet neurotic? Freud is the father of the present — he is the plague carrier. Freud translated the neurotic Viennese meme from something that was a local phenomenon into an era-spanning international mind-fuck that cripples everyone. Prescription drugs anyone? I don’t think I have been in a single airport where the state of emergency is not elevated — where it is not ORANGE. Orange sounds so dangerous, eh? Can we dial back the use of some of these words — they plaster them all over your psyche in twenty foot tall letters every day and expect them to retain a degree of power. They sound as threatening and unexpected as the letters that brought you Sesame Street. Islam and Extremist seem to go together like Horse and Carriage and Love and Marriage as far as a lot of people are concerned. If everything is labeled as extreme what is there to differentiate it from the everyday? Do we have routine days anymore? Does the media have to come on like Cassandra every ten seconds? Perhaps it does, perhaps we all want to have chicken little bugging us about the sky falling. I for one could do without it.

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