Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Love’s Thesaurus

Love takes the world and refreshes everything that you thought you once knew about it. I sit here in bed and I see the truth in many things that perhaps I had not before. Looking at the translucent skin of a lover that flushed with colour only hours before, watching them move through the terrain of some dream, you know that there are things in the world which before you fell in love you did not suspect existed. You write poetry, you write many things, but part of you knows that you will never be able to truly catch beauty at some level — that there is something ineffable that transcends communication. When you first saw those mood-ring eyes and that sultry mouth and you didn’t have to speak, there was just something intuitive about the whole process of coming to love and understand each other, how can you translate this into text? Well, part of it you will never be able to. You accept this as a writer, but that the state in which you exist, shared with this new force in your life, moves you to attempt that, means you may approximate something of it’s like. Love and the many attendant emotions and thoughts which are contained within it becomes codified in the name of a single person. Becomes codified in the person. Both light the whole orld up.

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