Film Hick: Elektra (2005)

elektra Directed by Brett Ratner. Starring Jennifer Garner, Terrence Stamp, Goran Visnjic. Cert: 12. Running Time: 100 Mins Approx Bad, bad, bad. There usually are some redeeming features to a film. I suppose you can argue that just watching Jennifer Garner do her thing is enough to carry a film but not in this case. It is full of cardboard cut out characters that are never fleshed out. The bolted on love story is an indication that they know how weak the main story is. The love story in Daredevil was held up as one of the bad things about that film, but no lessons have been learnt here. I actually liked Daredevil; this was tedious. Bad action, bad acting, bad story, bad film. Don’t touch it with a bargepole. Especially if you like Elektra as a character from the comics.

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