Sunday, 03 July, 2022

The Misanthrope Breathes

Well, just when you think yourself incapable of ever hating human beings again loathsome specimens present themselves for an attack on your resilient happiness. You hope that you won’t come across too many people in your lifetime that you feel moved enough to say — I hate them. Hate is never a good sentiment to have at the forefront of your mind — it is sterile and unproductive. Okay, it produces something — more of itself. Yeah, it can help you get through tough moments. But to live your life that way? God, I sound like a tempered misanthrope, but I assure you — put me in the right place with the right person and I feel like attacking them and beating them to a pulp. When someone treats me bad I will generally let it pass; when they treat someone I care about badly I get really angry. I think it is only natural to hate people like that.

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