Sunday, 03 July, 2022

The Net (1995)

Directed by Irvin Winkler. Starring Sandra Bullock; Jeremy Northam. Cert: 12. Running Time: 110 Mins. If The Net were not a film and were used for catching fish I think it would be a poor showing. The whole thing is flatter than a pancake which has just been paid a visit by a steam-roller. It’s a wonder after this film that Bullock and Northam weren’t considered for a sequel to Mannequin where shop dummies come to life and take over Hollywood, they’re so wooden. Angela Bennet’s plight did I suppose keep me watching until the end, but this kind of thing has been done so much better elsewhere: Enemy Of The State for one. It’s not overly gripping, has the pace of a hobbled seaside donkey and at 110 minutes overstays it’s welcome by a long stretch.

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