28 Days (2000)

Directed by Betty Thomas. Starring Sandra Bullock; Dominic West; Elizabeth Perkins; Steve Buscemi. Cert: 15. Running Time: 1Hr 40 Mins Approx. Sandra Bullock is Gwen Cummings, whose life, lived to the full as she sees it, comes to a halt when her drinking and drugs ruins here sister’s wedding and sees her crashing her car and getting a drink driving charge. This lands her in a rehab programme. The film, as its title suggests follows her through her 28 days in rehab. It’s one of those preachy, go through a trial and emerge smiling at the end kind of films. You have the cst of quirky characters all doing their best to be quirky. You have the darkness and you have the light. You walk a mile in each of their shoes and despite the cheesiness it does hit hard sometimes. I had watched this film once before and even after realising that was happy to do so again, and for a film that no one would claim to be brilliant I feel that is some kind of reccomendation. So it bears repeated watching and you won’t want a drink at the end either so it does its job in tha sense too.

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