Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

All Is Sunny Here

Yeah well that might be a lie, but if I tell the lie to myself enough then it might come true. You have to hope. And the bits in my life that do shine throw the rest into shadow anyway. I have two of the best most beautiful friends you could ever hope for. Man, I have more than that even — people I’ve met online, which you can be cyncial about if you like — it’s getting to be like a second family and that they are all joining up and meeting each other too is the coolest of the cool. Silver lining thinking? The whole fucking cloud has been transmogrified into a silver zepellin that could float to the ends of the earth. I have a dream — fuck it. it comes true every day I wake up into the realisation of how much beauty I bear witness too.

One comment on “All Is Sunny Here

Kasia T.

I’m right there with you Paul, beauty is all around us…we breathe it, taste it, and live it every day.Kasia.


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