Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Peace Talk — Relocated Blog

I don’t know if anything as noble as a philosophy will emerge from this project, which originally wished to entitle Conversation Peace, but perhaps some useful ideas might be brought into the light in the process of working how I, and if they come, my readers might feel about certain issues that centre around the idea of peace. What can you do to help the world? Put yourself out there is about the only answer available to any of us — there are not many of us that hold any power other than to be honest and to record what pops into our hearts and heads. Our hearts and heads are the best guage for what is right and wrong with the world — unless you are amoral, and not many of us can truly claim to be that, you know what ails the world and in a lot of cases you know what can be done to fix that. Is it cowardice that we know what to do yet don’t do it? Is it just being human that prevents concern translating into action? Perhaps there is a grain of truth in both of these ideas. Self-preservation, which is an intrinsic building block of the psyche of most organisms, will make hypocrites of us all. But if enough hypocrites whisper the truth to the world then perhaps we will free ourselves from this cage of hypocrisy. Politics, it seems, is nowadays designed to allow constant dissemblign and legerdemain — shuffling the diminshing deck of our future’s tarot while reading the cards and cheating us out of what should be ours. These are some of the thoughts that bounce around inside my skull as I start up another blog-based reflection of my multi-faceted psyche.

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