Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

a solar warrior

Sunlight doesn’t always shine on you, but shines sometimes from within you. I am like Gawain and Lugh Iamfota — I am a solar warrior whose strength increases in the shine of the sun and that sun is burning a hole in my chest to escape into the world.

I realised today that most of the cages we are trapped in are ones that we have built around ourselves. We can choose to ignore all the negative shit that comes flying at us — it is not a prerequisite that we have to accept the negative opinions that people offer us — they are sick with theirown negativity and you can inoculate yourself against the disease just with the power of positive thought. This is not some hippy clap-trap I am spouting here — it is common sense. We tune our own brains, we are in control of the dial, and it is up to us if we tune into the wrong station. I’m spinning the dial in a desired direction now. I’ve woken up — doesn’t mean I won’t go back to sleep ever, but it is good for the moment.

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