blogosphere: Humour Is Inessential: A Refutation

Hypocrites unite and greet a moron on the u-turn. You don’t have to laugh. You don’t have to smile — just be a miserable bastard and you will get through this life as easy as if you made an effort. That is the truth. Today as I slog through the wilderness that is marked at the end of every hour by ┬úsigns singing the blessings of minimum wage to you, I realise that the people I know who are top of the heap – in general – have no sense of humour. My sense of humour, my sarcasm and my sly digs get me as far as a chocolate spacesuit would get me on a shuttle. Sarcasm used on stupid people ia akin to poking jelly fish on the beach — you find it fun, but try explaining it to a jellyfish. When I say sense of humour I don’t mean joke telling ability. I’m not sure what I mean. But I do know that some people just aren’t funny and shouldn’t try to be. They get by fine without it — they are an inspiration. I shall not smile anymore; another miserable misanthrope matures.

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