Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

The Words Awaken In A Sleeping Throat

I have only recently gained access to the net on a full-time basis and I have become tireless on the wireless. In between cups of coffee, biscuits and badly cooked meals I have been pouring out an unrelenting stream of words on various sites and thankfully getting back some good feedback. I’ve got in contact with people I had not seen for an age (this seems to be something characterising my third decade) and I have discovered that my mind is thankfully still as sharp as it was when I was twenty. Who would have thought that it would escape becoming blunt after doing so many hours at the grindstone for a minimum wage? Christ, it brings the money in but it doesn’t do much for the soul. The great thing about these sites I’ve found is that there are a whole host of people out there who are talented and willing to listen — half the problem you usually find is that the talented people who have got where they need to be have pulled the ladder up behind them. I’ve felt like I’ve been leaping upwards trying to grab onto the bottom rung for so long and then I woke up and realised that they can keep their fucking ladder; they can shove it up their arse and I hope that it plays hell with their piles. I’m building my own ladder a rung at a time. Hey, you can read this and think why is he bothering, but you haven’t seen anything yet. If you keep watching I promise I’ll be going somewhere — even if it’s downwards, to the elephant’s graveyards where glorious failures and fuck-ups alike end up. —————- Now playing: Mercury Rev – Chasing a Bee via FoxyTunes

One comment on “The Words Awaken In A Sleeping Throat

Cool, the beginning. I think I will adjust my link to this site and subscribe to this one, that would make sense. I have had that exact thought about that fucking ladder many times but it turns out building your own is a hell of a lot of fun.


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